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Fall Candy Doesn’t Mean Simply Halloween Candy
Fall flavors are broad and sweet, some much more so than the beloved pumpkin spice. By embracing these seasonal flavors (in the form of all types of fall candy) we can immerse ourselves in the season.
Sponge Candy vs Honeycomb Candy
The differences between sponge candy and honeycomb candy make them hard to decipher, but the similarities place them both in the realm of iconic and unique candies. To figure out what makes each unique one must dive into what honeycomb candy is and how to make sponge candy.
The Best Easter Basket Candy for Your Family
Easter is upon us once again, which means it’s time to decide what you’re putting in your Easter baskets this year. We are here to help by providing some insight on the best easter candy to put in your basket.
Holiday Shopping Starter Kit: The People’s Favorites
So many Stefanelli's Candies specialties, so little time — here are some of our customers' favorites, as chosen in social media polls.
Chocolate 101
How chocolate tastes and feels is all about how you heat it and what you put into it. Learn the basics here.