Stefanelli’s Candy: Perfect for Any Gift

Stefanelli’s Candy: Perfect for Any Gift

There’s always a good reason to treat yourself (or others)! Stefanelli’s hand-crafted chocolates and candies will always put a smile on their face. We have listed a few so you can splurge and show your appreciation for those around you!

Raffle Baskets

Raffle baskets are an excellent addition to any fundraiser or giveaway. Adding Stefanelli’s best-selling chocolates will surely enhance any raffle basket and encourage the everyday person to donate. There are a variety of candies and chocolates that would help improve the various themes of your baskets. A “Summer Night” basket should include our chocolate-covered graham crackers or large mallow cups to make the perfect smores! Maybe you envision a “Movie Night” basket and need a sweet treat to add. Pop in our chocolate-covered animal crackers to add a crunch to your movie night!

chocolate-covered graham crackers

Special Occasions

Stefanelli’s candies are the perfect way to celebrate, whether it be an anniversary, holiday, or any other special occasion.

Each store has a few different chocolate gift box options, so don’t settle for just one! We offer many candies and chocolates, so the possibilities are endless. That’s why we have the option of boxed chocolates which provide a wide variety so you can determine your favorite type for next time. Need help creating a box? We have experts at each location to help curate the sweetest collection.

Looking for something a bit more traditional? Add our famous sponge candy to your celebration. Our popular confection has aerated toffee, providing an irresistible light and crisp crunch. You can’t ever go wrong with a customer favorite!

sponge candy

Treat Yourself 

There doesn’t have to be a special occasion or someone else involved when gifting Stefanelli’s candies. Gifting chocolates to yourself is always acceptable and well deserved when you have a hard week at work or feel like you need some delicious chocolates. For these occasions, we recommend milk chocolate caramels so you can melt into the evening, just like the gooey center of these chocolates. If you need a little pepping up, try our milk chocolate-covered espresso beans and get that kick of energy you’ve been craving.

milk chocolate caramels

Whatever the case, gifting decadent chocolates from Stefanelli’s will always be a win for everyone involved. Shop best-seller, new arrivals, and more online or at one of our locations. We’re here to sweeten your day from boxed chocolates to sponge candy!

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