The Best Easter Basket Candy for Your Family

The Best Easter Basket Candy for Your Family

Easter, one of Christianity’s most important holidays, is the second best-selling candy holiday in America, falling just one spot behind Halloween. With that being said, how can you choose what candies to get if there is so much to choose from? We are here with a list of the best Easter candy to help you fill your basket this year.

Foiled Chocolate Easter Eggs | Stefanelli's Candies

1. Chocolate Eggs

Chocolate eggs are the most popular candy associated with Easter. What kind of eggs should you get; foiled or filled? Stefanelli’s Candies offers both foil-wrapped and filled chocolate eggs! We have chocolate eggs with nuts, filled with flavored cream, or wrapped in a classic Easter-colored foil wrapper. Do you or someone you love absolutely adore the colors of foiled chocolate?

Chocolate Bunny Easter Basket Candy | Stefanelli's Candies

2. Chocolate Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny, delivering both decorated and chocolate eggs on Easter Day, has become a prominent symbol of Easter. Would it really be Easter if you don't have a chocolate Easter Bunny in your basket? Luckily for you Stefenell’s Candies in Erie, PA offers plenty of chocolate Easter bunnies in all shapes and sizes, with your choice of either milk chocolate or white chocolate. Our chocolate bunny molds can be an adorable addition to your Easter basket candy collection.

Easter Jelly Beans | Stefanelli's Candies

3. Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are another egg-shaped candy that became a classic Easter candy back in the 1930s. Over 16 billion jelly beans are made in America every year just for Easter. Whether you like cinnamon, spice, black licorice, or fruity flavored jelly beans, we hope that you can enjoy some chewy jelly beans for Easter this year!

Chocolate Covered Peeps (Bunny Bums) | Stefanelli's Candies

4. Chocolate Covered Peeps

We know what you’re thinking: who even likes Peeps anyways? Well, according to Peeps Brand, 700 million people each year like Peeps! And to make them even better? Cover them in chocolate. Chocolate covered peeps are a growingly popular Easter candy, as many people adore chocolate covered marshmallows, especially when they're shaped like bunnies!

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