Valentine’s Day Candy Guide: Handmade Treats for Those You Cherish

Valentine’s Day Candy Guide: Handmade Treats for Those You Cherish

Getting your special someone some kind of chocolate for Valentine’s Day is a no brainer. But what is the best chocolate for Valentine’s Day that will send your love to all the people in your life? 

Keep things simple so you can focus on more important aspects of the holiday, and use this handy guide to find the perfect chocolate gift for your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner, friend, or family member. 

For Her

Whether you’ve been together for a day, a year, or a lifetime, it is important to share some sweetness with your love this Valentine’s Day. 

Choose from a wide variety of handcrafted gourmet chocolates. Pick a few for a custom chocolate gift box, or explore the curated collections of chocolate gifts. If you want to enhance the evening and make things extra special this year, give your lady classic chocolate covered fruit so she can be indulged by your thoughtfulness and exquisite tats.

For Him

Chocolate and diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but what about the men in your life? 

Sometimes your sweetheart is looking for something a little less, well, sweet! If this is the case, try surprising your date with a white chocolate treat, or something even more unique — like Valentine’s Day spice drop or cinnamon jelly hearts

For the dear friend

Some friendships are so full of love they’re worth celebrating with Valentine’s Day Chocolate as well. 

While a Valentine’s Day chocolate box may seem a bit over the top, there are plenty of other chocolate gifts or Valentine’s Day candies to choose from if you’re looking to share some love with a dear friend. For example, these themed hot chocolate bombs! 

(Choose either heart shaped or decorated hot chocolate bombs. Available in-store only at one of Stefanelli’s 6 locations. Call for more information.)

For the family

For many, family is their first love. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle, brother, sister — these are the people we share our hearts with through our whole lives. So it makes sense to want to go out of your way to show them that you care especially on the day of love. 

But what do you buy for a family member who deserves the world? Try a little bit of everything in an assorted Valentines Day chocolate box. Choose either milk or dark chocolate as the base of a box of jelly, nuget, cream, and solid Valentine’s Day candies. Or give your loved ones even more options with a box of assorted light and dark gourmet chocolates

Be Prepared

Now that you (hopefully) have an idea of what treat you plan to surprise your love with this Valentine’s Day it is important to be prepared as February 14th approaches. 

This includes making your reservations ahead of time and ordering your chocolate gifts early so you can be sure they’ll arrive on time to surprise your friends, family, or sweethearts. And of course, if you are looking for something more particular or custom for your loved one, explore our full catalog of Valentine’s Day chocolates or give us a call at one of our six stores in and around Erie, Pennsylvania!