Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for Your Shopping List

Gourmet Chocolate Gifts for Your Shopping List

Chocolate gifts are sure to be a crowd-pleaser for just about anyone on your list, whether it's family, friends, coworkers or clients. With any combination of sweet and salty, creamy or crunchy, plain or colorful, there is a chocolate out there for anyone on your holiday shopping list with a sweet tooth. Picking out a custom chocolate box or other tasty treat has never been easier thanks to the wide variety of chocolates offered by Stefanelli’s Candies. Find the perfect chocolate gift for everyone on your list!

Melting away stress and strain, a good piece of chocolate can bring great joy to your taste buds. Chocolate can also contain immune-boosting antioxidants (which we can all use more of during the winter season). Eating chocolate is more of an experience than an object of decor, and for those who purchase samplers, it can be eaten over time for a gift that continues to give until it's gone! For those who really want to show their friends, coworkers, and loved ones they care, all orders can be gift wrapped and delivered. 

How to choose the right chocolate gift for each person on your list?

Firstly, consider whether the person you’re shopping for has any allergies to peanuts or tree nuts. After you make sure you are looking for chocolates that are completely safe for them to eat, consider their taste. Do they prefer milk, dark or white chocolate? Dark chocolate is more rich and less sweet than creamy and sweet milk chocolate. White chocolate is for those with the sweetest tooths, as it is mostly sugar and cream. When choosing your chocolate gift, you can also consider other things they might want to pair the chocolate with, such as those on your list who are wine lovers! 


Shopping Specifics: Special chocolate gifts for your special people

For just as many unique people and the unique roles they play in your life, there are just as many ways to gift chocolate. Our list includes everyone from the teachers in your children’s lives, the office team that keeps your business running smoothly, friends, foodies, and the beloved members of your family. 

Sweets: A treat for teachers

Make grading papers a little bit sweeter by offering your child’s teacher a chocolate treat for the holiday. Educators do some of the most important work in our society, so we can show our gratitude by making their day a little sweeter. 

Edible gift ideas for someone who likes to cook

Chocolate can be a great multipurpose gift for the chefs and bakers in your life as well. You can purchase solid chocolate bars for shaving/decorating or melting, or sponge candy and molded chocolates to decorate your desserts

Show your team, coworkers, or boss you appreciate them

Do you work with people who work hard? Show them that their work doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated with a chocolate gift. A bag of chocolate-covered animal crackers or a candy bar can be the pick-me-up a teammate needs on a tough day at the office or worksite. These treats are great for keeping in desks. You could also gift chocolate-covered espresso beans and watch their post-holiday productivity soar! 

Chocolate Christmas gift ideas for your best friend

Include hot cocoa bombs or a chocolate sampler in a relaxing day-in or movie night gift basket! What’s better than a delicious treat to add to a fun day or evening of bestie-bonding? 

Gifts for homemakers and mothers in your life

The work of mothers and homemakers never stops, so they could especially use a moment to take a chocolate break. A bag of peanut-butter cup bark or a pound of chocolate jellies can be a great gift for the mothers, sisters, aunts, and in-laws in your life who work so hard to take care of their family. Even party hosts need to be treated after all the hard work and running around they do to ensure everyone is taken care of and has a good time this holiday season. 

The perfect pairing: Christmas gift ideas for wine lovers and foodies

The bitterness of certain wines can be offset by the sweetness of chocolate and the combination of the two can lead to flavor discoveries and pairings you’d never expect! There’s nothing like pairing a dark chocolate pretzel with a full-body Zinfandel or a luxurious white chocolate square with a bright and slightly sweet Rosè. Just as cheese pairs with wine, chocolate pairs with cheese too! Try combining a tangy goat cheese with dark or milk chocolate to combine sweet and savory. There are endless possibilities, especially for the most adventurous foodies on your list!

A treat for someone special in your life

Show your sweets some sweetness this holiday season with a chocolate gift. Children and grandparents alike can delight in an assortment of chocolate-covered items ranging from 

Oreos to nuts. Pick up some dark chocolate to pair with a bottle of wine or a cheese plate for a romantic night in with your lover!

Delicious gifts for the long-distance connection

Chocolate travels well in the winter holiday months as you don’t have to worry about melting in the summer sun. Chocolate packed tightly in their sampler boxes or individually wrapped foils are sure to reach their destinations just as pristinely as when you picked them out from the shop or online. Stefanelli’s ships nationally, so you can send chocolate to family or loved ones who might be too far away to spend the holiday with you. 

Ordering your gourmet chocolate gifts

The key to delivering the perfect chocolate Christmas gift is making sure it arrives on time! Order your chocolate gifts as soon as possible to get them in time for the holidays. The last day to order your chocolate in time for Christmas is December 15th, 2021. We ship nationally and offer standard and express shipping options. Shop Now to find the perfect holiday treat for the special people in your life!