Easter basket ideas for everyone in your family

Easter basket ideas for everyone in your family

Coming up with the perfect Easter basket ideas for your loved ones should be a joyful highlight of the holiday season. However, knowing what to get for everyone in your family is not always the easiest task. 

It may require you to think outside the Easter chocolate box. Buying gifts tailored to the toddlers, teens and adults in your life will help you put together creative Easter baskets, though there are some classic items that are perfect for everyone.

Easter basket ideas for toddlers & kids 

foil-wrapped chocolate easter eggsThe quality moments you share with your kids will stick with them their whole lives. Gifts that allow you the opportunity to spend time with them can foster some fond Easter memories, such as: 


  1. Paint, chalk, stickers and other crafting supplies
  2. Board games 
  3. Play-Doh
  4. Picture books
  5. Puzzles
  6. LEGOs
  7. Stuffed animals
  8. Pool/bath toys

Make Easter baskets a memory they cherish 

While games and toys help keep the kiddos busy on Easter Sunday, nothing is more memorable than a sweet treat savored after an egg hunt. Don’t believe us? Think about it.

As an adult reading this, you probably have that one candy that you wait for every year. Is it chocolate Easter eggs or jelly beans? Colorful, foil-wrapped gourmet treats? Thinking back, the affinity for these treats most likely began at a young age. 

What treat will your child find in their basket that they’ll think about for years to come? 

Easter basket ideas for teens 

Sadly the days of being wooed by fluffy toys and trinkets are gone. Show the teens in your life they haven’t outgrown an Easter basket with a balance of sweets and electronic gadgets, accessories or plants. Stickers, pop-sockets, portable chargers, socks, jewelry and bags would all be well-appreciated items. 

Plants are another great option for spring, and in growing popularity. We think our white chocolate Easter Bunnies would look so cute hidden behind a cactus or lilly! 

They’ll never be too old for a chocolate Easter bunny

Teens expect chocolate in their Easter baskets every year, so pick them out some chocolate easter bunnyspecialty chocolate that will surely satisfy their sweet tooth. You also cannot go wrong with one of our many chocolate Easter bunnies. 

Easter basket ideas for adults

Every year adults are poised with the task of making Easter Sunday a day that kids look forward to, but what about themselves? 

Do something special for your honey this Easter and make a self-care package you could do together as a relaxing way to spend an evening. Include a Stefanelli’s indulgent chocolate option along with a giftcard to their favorite local restaurant, facemasks, and a bottle of wine. 

Focus more on flavors, less on toys

Choose gifts for adult Easter baskets that will bring their taste buds to life. You can build an Easter chocolate box by hand-picking every piece of chocolate in the box. Special treats to enjoy with your Easter brunch or dinner are also ideal for an Easter basket. Specialty coffee is not only delicious, but will keep you going after the long day of activities. Chances are, there is a local coffee roaster near you!

Be the best Easter Bunny this year

Now that you have some wonderful ideas to get you started and are just one click away from our online Easter chocolate catalog, there’s a chance the Easter Bunny will go out of business this year. Don’t feel bad for the bunny. Instead, get started picking out chocolate Easter candy and building the baskets your family will remember for years to come.