Sponge Candy Recipes: Elevating a Local Delicacy

Sponge Candy Recipes: Elevating a Local Delicacy

Around the world, sponge candy is a coveted treat. The fluffy yet stiff honeycomb-like sponge and creamy chocolate pair perfectly to create a mouthwatering dessert or snack that satisfies even the most hard to satiate sweet tooth. While the history of sponge candy is continually disputed — no one knows exactly where it, or its cousin honeycomb candy, originated — each and every individual who has tasted the light toffee knows of its deliciousness. 

Sponge candy, though an iconic stand-alone treat, can be added to other desserts to make unique and creative flavors. Regardless of if you prefer milk or dark chocolate sponge candy, these combination desserts will taste delightful when made with your favorite kind.  

Sponge Candy Ice Cream

Across the Great Lakes region, sponge candy ice cream is an absolute favorite. It can be found at local ice cream stands, shops and parlors all year round (though especially in the summer). 

Yet sometimes, it may be hard to spot on first glance. Sponge candy ice cream does not always go by “Sponge Candy Ice Cream,” it may have personalized names depending on who made the ice cream, or what other ingredients are in the batch. Often, sponge candy ice cream contains nuts, caramel and/or swirls of caramel or fruit as these flavors pair well with that of the candy. 

As noted, sponge candy ice cream tends to be a regional treat, most well known for those who frequently enjoy Erie sponge candy. For those who can’t get enough of this unique candy but live in an area without an ice cream stand that features this combination flavor, mouths may be watering without hope of satisfaction. 

Thankfully, sponge candy can be easily added to ice cream as a creative topping, no matter where in the world you are thanks to modern shipping and delivery methods

Simply take a few pieces of sponge candy and crumble or break them up on top of a bowl of ice cream. It pairs wonderfully with classic vanilla, but don’t be afraid to try it out on your favorite flavor! It’s hard to go wrong with sponge candy. 

Sponge Candy Donuts

Sponge Candy...in a donut? Yes. That’s right! 

Sponge candy, while amazing on its own, makes for a memorable addition to donuts. Think about it: Fluffy glazed yeast cakes, covered in semi-sweet chocolate frosting, filled with toffee or peanut butter flavored cream and topped with either solid or crumbled sponge candy.

Does this sound like a dream? Well, this local bakery made it a dream come true. Check it out!

Double Dipped Sponge Candy

While all of this sounds delicious, those looking for a simple way to add even more sweetness to their sponge candy (as if it needed it!) or customize their candy, there is a quick and simple solution: Double dipping sponge candy. 

Regular sponge candy, premade by your favorite chocolatier, can easily be enhanced to feature even more fabulous flavors or creatively decorated at home simply by adding more chocolate. 

To make this dessert truly your own, try choosing chocolate that is flavored such as raspberry or orange. Simply melt the chocolate of your choice. Then, dip the sponge candy in the melted chocolate, remove, and let cool on wax or parchment paper. 

If there is a party or event coming up that you would like to bring a personalized treat to (but don’t feel like baking as the summer weather sets in), consider adding colored chocolate to premade sponge candy. By either dipping the sponge candy in the colored melting chocolate (as you would with flavored chocolate), or drizzling the beautifully colored chocolate on top of the sponge candy in lines or designs you can have a decorative and delicious treat in just a few minutes!

Sponge Candy Latte

In its simplest form, sponge candy is light and airy toffee that has been cooled and then covered in chocolate. By focusing on the flavors of this regional delight, a fabulous and frothy latte can be crafted. 

Start with rich steamed milk, espresso and toffee flavoring. Mix it all together to make a latte. Then, add a mocha or chocolate drizzle to really craft that iconic sponge candy combination. And, if you’re going all in, it doesn’t hurt to top the warm beverage with a piece or sponge candy or two! 

Make Recipes with Sponge Candy on Your Own

Of course, the main ingredient in all of these tasteful (though admittedly super-sweet) recipes is sponge candy. As noted, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer dark or milk chocolate sponge candy. These sponge candy recipes will work with either. What matters is that you get enough sponge candy to make as much of these treats as you need...and maybe a bit extra to snack on, too. After all, you can’t beat the simple taste of sponge candy.