DIY Easter Basket Ideas for 2022

DIY Easter Basket Ideas for 2022

Floppy bunny ears, freshly blooming flowers, and chocolate eggs — all of these are quintessential signals of spring in full swing! One of the most nostalgic elements of spring is a beautiful (and delicious) Easter basket. Who doesn’t love ringing in a new season with a big batch of chocolate goodies? If you’re in charge of organizing Easter baskets for your loved ones and you just don’t know where to start, well, you’ve come to the right place.

Although we don’t sell Easter baskets at Stefanelli’s, we do offer everything you’ll need to satisfy someone’s sweet tooth in no time. This year, consider putting together a DIY Easter basket for your friends and family. The biggest benefit of a DIY basket is that you never have to decide or settle on one thing or a single basket theme. So, fill your cart with as many goodies as you can manage this year because we’re listing our favorite and most popular Easter chocolates!

Chocolate Meltaways

Stefanelli's dark chocolate meltaways

Stefanelli’s chocolate meltaways are handcrafted to produce a flavorful melt-in-your-mouth texture. This Easter basket chocolate is downright decadent and can come in a wide variety of flavor and chocolate combinations. No matter who you’re making an Easter basket for, you’re bound to serve up a perfect chocolate combination. And if you’re still finding yourself struggling to choose between a mint-flavored dark chocolate meltaway and a peanut butter milk chocolate combo, just choose both! There’s nothing wrong with an overflowing basket.

Cream Eggs

Stefanelli's Easter cream eggs

Easter cream eggs are a chocolate treat with a sweet surprise! These chocolate eggs are filled with a variety of cream flavors, such as fruit and nut, peanut butter, chocolate, butter, maple nut, raspberry, and coconut cream. Each egg has its own petite Easter decoration that gives it a cute aesthetic. We recommend getting the biggest bang for your buck and opting for a 16 oz. cream egg for your Easter basket, but if that sounds like it would be going a little overboard, we also offer 8 oz. cream eggs and mini cream egg varieties.

Chocolate Sponge Candy

Erie milk chocolate sponge candy

If you’re from Erie or the Great Lakes region, you’ll understand why this chocolate delicacy is a must-have addition to your Easter basket stuffers this year. Stefanelli’s chocolate sponge candy will easily be the most unique treat among the neon green Easter grass. It packs a crisp crunch that melts in your mouth and it’s covered in handcrafted chocolate. That’s gonna be a hard thing for the recipients of your DIY Easter basket to say no to. You can mix it up, too, because you can get your sponge candy with milk, dark, or white chocolate.

Easter Suckers

Easter chocolate on a stick for a DIY basket

Chocolate Easter suckers are a perfect treat to take with you when you’re on the go running last-minute Easter errands, visiting relatives, or participating in holiday-related activities. Each of these suckers includes a piece of white, dark, or milk chocolate that’s molded into your favorite Easter figures. At Stefanelli’s, our Easter sucker collection includes mild lambs and bushy-tailed bunnies. This is a great addition to any child’s Easter basket — they’ll love the variety of Easter shapes!

Chocolate Cross

Chocolate Easter cross for DIY Easter baskets

Including a chocolate cross into your family’s Easter baskets may be a tradition for you and yours. If you’re interested in a chocolate cross to add to your DIY Easter basket, look no further than Stefanelli’s Easter candy collection. We offer molded milk, dark, and white chocolate varieties. Maybe you can switch up the chocolate varieties if you have too much milk chocolate in your basket and add a dark or white chocolate molded cross! Also be sure to note that we offer chocolate crosses that sit flat, or have a three-dimensional shape that lets them stand up all on their own!

Chocolate Covered Oreos

Chocolate covered Oreo Easter basket stuffers

A cookie covered in chocolate — now that’s the innovation we love to see at Stefanelli’s. Chocolate-covered Oreos are hands down a fan favorite. We even gave these cookies their own Easter flair by adding decorative Easter bunnies and colorful eggs on the top! Your Easter basket may require a little extra crunch amongst all that soft and creamy chocolate, so grab some of our chocolate-covered Oreos! They’ll make a perfect addition.

Have a Sweet Spring with Stefanelli’s

At Stefanelli’s, we think there’s no better way to ring in spring than by gifting a DIY Easter basket filled with stuffers that showcase your thoughtfulness. If you’re looking for even more basket stuffers for your DIY Easter basket, visit any of our physical Stefanelli’s locations or shop online to explore everything we have to offer.

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