The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gifts for Clients & Employees

The Ultimate Guide to Holiday Gifts for Clients & Employees

The holidays are right around the corner, which means it’s time for the most stressful part of the year: Choosing the perfect gift to express a year of gratitude. Or, if you’re an employer looking to impress upon clients for the coming new year it means the time has come to find something thoughtful that won’t break the bank.  

Corporate gifts have been a part of mainstream business culture for decades now. And while few expect to receive a package from a business colleague or boss at this time of year, a corporate holiday gift can truly bring joy, thankfulness and — with any luck — more business in the coming year. 

Despite the lack of expectations most clients, customers and employees have for corporate holiday gifts, many find choosing just the right thing challenging.

That’s why we’re here to help you simplify your holiday with a look at (and suggestions for) simple yet sweet:

  • Corporate gifts

  • Employee gifts

  • Client gifts

How to choose the right gift?

Do you want clients to have your business on the forefront of their minds come january? Will they still be thinking of you and the token you gave in December by the time June comes around? How much is appropriate to spend on corporate holiday gifts? What will my team or customers enjoy?

These may be some of the questions you’re asking yourself as the holidays approach and a deadline for getting corporate gifts looms even nearer. 

If you are asking these questions, you’re on the right track. Choosing the perfect holiday gift is hard. Some things to keep in mind that can simplify the process are:

  1. How much am I able to spend in total on corporate gift giving this year? How does that translate into cost per client?

  2. What goals do I have with gifting this year? Is it purely out of the joy of giving, or do I hope to achieve something professionally by going out of my way and giving corporate gifts? (If you’re of the latter thought category, there is nothing to be ashamed of! As a business person you know that the hustle never stops...not even during the holidays.) 

  3. Who can I trust to provide quality gifts to my treasured team members or customers? 

Great, but I still don’t know what to get!

Once you have the above answers figured out, then you can start picking out the gifts. We are always big fans of keeping it simple...and, really, who doesn’t like chocolate? 

Corporate Gift Ideas

Let your customers and clients know how thankful you are for them choosing to partner with you over the past year by arranging for corporate gifts this holiday season. Corporate gifts are usually small, yet specially selected items or treats that let your network know that they are a priority for your business. 

sponge candy

For corporate gifts, consider: 

Sponge Candy Show some regional pride when giving corporate holiday gifts this year! 

9” Cocoa Pie (Small) Let your gratitude be spread this year by gifting a dessert pie (various flavors available) for your customers to share with whomever they like.

Assorted Jellies Let your sweet side show by gifting a variety of strawberry cheesecake, lemon meringue, raspberry, peanut butter, and lemon jellies this year.

Employee Gift Ideas: 

Even if holiday bonuses aren’t in the budget this year, a thoughtful employee gift can show your team that you care and are deeply appreciative of all their work this past year. When choosing an employee holiday gift, think about how you can brighten their week(s) leading up to the new year. 

dessert pie

Bring some holiday cheer to the office with these tasty employee gifts: 

Chocolate Bars Keep it simple! After all, a good bar of chocolate really can be the golden ticket to a great holiday card.

Hot Chocolate Balls — Boost morale and bring some cheer by giving your team a tasty treat while they finish up the year. Details coming soon.

Gift Cards — Unsure what your employees like, or of any allergies in the office? Play it safe with a gift certificate. Call us today or come into the store to purchase gift cards for your corporate holiday gifts!

Client Gift Ideas

Do you have a few clients who have been in your books for years now, or to whom you are genuinely thankful? If budgets are tight this year, consider going with a few special gifts for especially significant or close clients. 

assorted build a box
Specialty gifts to let them know you care can be as simple as:

Build a Box Design your own box of chocolates specifically for each special client on your list. 

Milk and Dark Assortment You can go wrong with a variety of choices, all in one box. There’s something for everyone!

Milk Chocolate Assortment Keep it classic when choosing your client gifts this year and go with a forever-favorite chocolate box. 

Make magic happen in your workplace this year

The holidays are coming up quickly, so don’t wait to order your corporate gifts! Our team of dedicated chocolatiers are committed to helping you choose the perfect sweet treat to show how much you care, so if you still have questions about what to buy for your client or employee gifts this year, send us a message

We’re more than happy to help with all your corporate gift giving needs. Even gift wrapping! That’s right. Call us today to discuss your holiday needs. 

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