Best Chocolate Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

Best Chocolate Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

At Stefanelli’s, we believe that the best things in life involve chocolate and dad deserves nothing less than handcrafted chocolates. Every year, Father’s Day comes and goes, and it can be hard to figure out what to buy. This year, you’re sure to win the title as Dad’s Favorite by warming his heart and filling his belly with Stefanelli’s sweet confections. Consider buying some chocolate gifts for dad from Stefanelli’s this year (maybe enough for him to enjoy for the few days after Father’s Day).

Assorted Chocolates

Assorted chocolates for Father's Day 2022

We love suggesting boxed chocolates for those who leave you stumped whenever you’re met with having to buy them a gift. With assorted chocolates, you really can’t go wrong. Assorted milk chocolates, nuts and chewies, and chocolate cream selections give you just enough options without really having to settle on just one type of chocolate. After all, dad’s bound to like at least something in his box of assorted chocolates.

Chocolate Covered

Chocolate covered anything is really a treat. And we’ve figured out how to master the art of making something tasty even more delicious by covering it in our handcrafted chocolate. If you know that dad already has a go-to snack, consider browsing our selection of chocolate covered goodies to take your Father’s Day gift to the next level.

Chocolate covered strawberries and grapes

Chocolate covered strawberries for Father's Day 2022

There’s a reason why chocolate lovers everywhere who have tried Stefanelli’s chocolate covered strawberries and grapes have made them their go-to chocolate confection (hint, it’s because they are just too good). Forget the notion that chocolate covered strawberries should only be reserved for romantic occasions; they are just too good to limit to certain situations that happen a few times a year. You can bet that dad will make his way through these chocolate covered fruits. The healthy fruit counteracts the decadent chocolate calories anyway, right?

To ensure that this chocolate gift for dad is the best it can be, Stefanelli’s only offers our chocolate covered strawberries and grapes in our physical locations. Get your chocolate covered strawberries for Father’s Day before they’re all sold out!

Chocolate covered potato chips and pretzels

Chocolate covered potato chips Chocolate covered pretzels for Father's Day 2022

Dads are known for loving their savory, salty snacks and a great way to warm dad’s heart is by appealing to his stomach. Stefanelli’s offers chocolate covered potato chips and chocolate covered pretzels so that dad can really have it all this year. 

We offer milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and a large chocolate pretzel covered with sprinkles as a part of our chocolate covered pretzel collection.

Chocolate covered espresso beans

Chocolate covered espresso beans for Father's Day 2022


Get dad some chocolate covered espresso beans that he can snack on long after his fourth cup of coffee for the day. A couple of these espresso beans can give you a caffeine boost that’s comparable to a cup of coffee. Just warn dad before he goes all in on this bold, yet sweet Stefanelli’s snack. We also offer our espresso beans in a rich, luscious dark chocolate variety, as well as a New York mix!

Sponge Candy

Sponge candy in Erie, PA

Calling Erie natives everywhere, we found the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day! Sponge candy is known and loved by Northeasterners, but if you’re unfamiliar, we’d be happy to let you in on the deal behind this coveted treat. Sponge candy is a light, caramel-y candy covered in delicious chocolate. Once you take a bite, you’ll be surprised by the crunchiness and delighted by the melting sensation that follows. 

If your Pops is an Erie native, or just a downright fan favorite of this quirky treat, sponge candy will give your Father’s Day gift that beautiful sentimental value that will make dad smile. Whether dad is a milk chocolate or dark chocolate lover, our sponge candy is bound to make his special day.

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark for Father's Day 2022

If you don’t want to bark up the wrong tree this Father’s Day, then you should probably get dad something he can happily snack on this year. Chocolate bark is a great treat that we offer at Stefanelli’s and it comes in many different varieties. Our chocolate bark packs a great crunch before the chocolate begins to melt in your mouth (yum!). Toffee, marshmallow, peanut butter cup, nuts, and just plain milk or dark chocolate varieties will give you plenty of options for dad this year.

Cure Dad’s Sweet Tooth with Stefanelli’s Chocolates

Treat dad to the sweetest Father’s Day yet with these chocolate gift ideas from Stefanelli’s. Don’t forget to browse our entire collection to find other more yummy special somethings that you know dad will love. We’re all ready for Father’s Day here at Stefanelli’s. Are you?

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