Fall Candy Doesn’t Mean Simply Halloween Candy

Fall Candy Doesn’t Mean Simply Halloween Candy

Embracing the Autumnal Attitude with Flavors of Fall (That Aren't Just Pumpkin Spice)

If one were to ask another what flavor defines fall to them, most likely they would respond enthusiastically, “Pumpkin spice!” 

It’s no shock that this seasonal flavor has gained such popularity as seemingly every food item comes in a pumpkin spice variety at this time of year. Though, rather unfortunately, as pumpkin spice has taken the trophy for most beloved flavor of fall, numerous traditional flavors have tumbled into the land of forgotten tastes.

This is not to say that pumpkin spice is not delicious, but if one were to open their minds and their mouths to the full range of fall flavors, they could take a step back, practice the nearly-forgotten trend of seasonal eating, and fully embrace the season with all of their senses.

How seasonal flavors affect us

Prior to the previous century when mass-produced and packaged foods took a stronghold on humans’ eating habits, seasonal eating patterns were ingrained as a way of life. Flavor pallets marked the changing of seasons almost as accurately as the weather, but today the concept seems just a flavorful trend. 

“Seasonal eating is one health trend that I can whole-heartedly get on board with,” wrote food bloggers of Oh My Veggies, “but it’s not exactly new. If you looked back to 100 years ago nobody would have called it seasonal eating, it was just eating what was on hand, ripe, and ready to go.”

This practice has gone to the wayside in recent years, but by embracing some of the more traditional flavors that we associate with seasons, we can take one small step closer to seasonal eating. 

Simultaneously, we can let the new season infiltrate us entirely by engaging one of our most exciting senses: taste. 

What’s the best part of all this? We can embrace the flavors of fall without focusing on vegetables (which everyone can agree are a lot less exciting than shaped skull or pumpkin chocolate). All the sweet-tooths out there know that fall candy is the best part of the season. And thanks to local chocolatiers, the fall candy selection doesn’t have to be limited to basic Halloween treats either. 

Flavors of fall


September has always been the season when apples become ripe enough for picking, so it makes as much sense for apples to be a popular seasonal flavor as pumpkin. In the words of Oh My Veggies, apples are “on hand, ripe, and ready to go,” in a variety of desserts, or simply fresh off the tree.

Apple Desserts to Explore: hot spiced cider, apple fritters, baked cinnamon apple chips. 


Nothing offers a warm embrace on a chilly day like cinnamon. This flavor of fall is known more for its warming and flavorful qualities more so than its timely harvest. 

How to Add Cinnamon to Your Morning: Sprinkle a little cinnamon and brown sugar into your coffee creamer. Add coffee and top with another light dusting of cinnamon.


Similar to cinnamon, chai is a seasonal flavor favorite for fall and winter because of it’s bold and slightly spicy flavor. We won’t pretend that a pumpkin spice latte isn’t delicious, but it surely doesn’t boast the depth of flavor that a chair one does — spicy, sweet, creamy and oh so comforting. And if bold seasoning is your thing, but chocolate remains your kryptonite, fall is the perfect time to blend these two loves with a spiced fall candy brittle


For many, fall is favored as a time to get in touch with nature one last time before ice and snow begin to cover the ground, so why not indulge in a sweet treat that comes from the trees that become so beautiful in autumn? The possibilities are endless when it comes to maple candy

(Visit our new Meadville store and see what we mean!) 


If sticky sweet is your style, then caramel cannot be denied as one of the best flavors of fall. A warm piece of gooey caramel tastes the same way a kind hug might. Add it to your coffee, apples, chai latte, top your maple pancakes with it, or enjoy a caramel chocolate on the go. 

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