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Stefanelli’s Ultimate Guide to Chocolate Snacks
Take a delectable moment for yourself with our complete guide to the best chocolate snacks!
Hop into Spring with the Best Easter Candy!
Want to give your loved ones something to peep about this holiday? Check out our lineup of the best Easter candy to fill their baskets with joy!
Exploring Romantic Chocolate: A Journey through History, Culture, and Psychology
Romantic chocolate is a Valentine’s Day tradition for couples everywhere. How did this delectable treat become a gift representing love and affection? Let’s find out!
Using Stefanelli's Chocolate for Baking Up Stunning Desserts!
Grab your oven mitts! In this blog, we discuss the best chocolate for baking and how to take your desserts to the next level!
Holiday Chocolate for Every Kind of Person on Your List

Have a long list this year? We’ve got just the thing — a holiday chocolate guide for every type of sweet tooth! 

Halloween Chocolate for Your Entire Boo Crew

It’s spooky season, and that means it’s time for Halloween chocolate! Check out our fang-tastic guide to gifting ghoulish candies! 

Stefanelli’s Meadville Location: A New Candy Factory in Pennsylvania!

Get excited chocolate fans! Stefanelli’s is officially opening a new storefront and candy factory in Pennsylvania this October! 

The Sweet Science Behind Candy Textures

All candies are derived from one thing - sugar. But how can this one ingredient lead to so many candy textures and flavors? Let’s dive in! 

Dark Chocolate Vs. Milk Chocolate: What's the Difference?

The age-old debate of dark chocolate vs. milk chocolate may never truly end. But what really sets them apart from one another? Let’s dive in! 

Fixin’s for Your Mix-ins: The Ultimate Ice Cream Toppings

Ready to upgrade your ice cream toppings this summer? Stefanelli’s has you covered - in chocolate, that is! 

Beating the Heat: Chocolate Storage in Warm Weather

With summer on the horizon, it’s never been more important to use proper chocolate storage. Read on to discover the best ways to seal in freshness.  

Best Chocolates for Mother's Day

There’s nothing quite like the bond between a mother and her child. Pay Mom back with a sweet treat for the best Mother’s Day yet! 

Fun Facts About Chocolate Bunnies

It’s no secret that chocolate bunnies are hallmark candies of the Easter season. But how are these confectionary creations made? Read on to find out! 

8 Delightfully Unique Stefanelli’s Catalog Treats
Stefanelli’s has top sellers everyone rushes to buy, but what about the unique treats that get overlooked? This month, we’re celebrating the more unusual Stefanelli’s candies in our catalog. These confections provide delightfully unexpected flavor profiles that will completely change...
How to Smartly Satisfy Chocolate Cravings
Chocolate is the first thing that people cut when the new year comes, however we are here to tell you that you can still enjoy sweet treats!
Chocolate Gift Guide During the Holidays
Gift buying can be difficult, so make it easy this year by buying delicious treats for everyone on your list!
Perfectly Picked Chocolate Pairings
Pairing Stefanelli’s chocolates with different drinks is the key to unlocking new experiences for your palette.
Fall isn’t Complete Without Some Delicious Treats!
When the weather begins to cool down, the best way to celebrate is with some delicious fall treats from Stefanelli’s!
Building Relationships with Corporate Gifting
Corporate gifting is a fantastic way to let the companies you work with know you appreciate the partnership you have together.
Stefanelli’s Candy: Perfect for Any Gift

There is no better gift than decadent chocolates or flavorful candies from Stefanelli’s. Celebrate every occasion with our best sellers.


How To Build the Perfect Chocolate Gift Box
A chocolate gift box is the perfect gift for any occasion. Giving someone in your life a box of chocolate candies can be a beautiful expression of love, friendship, or gratitude.