Looking to delve into Stefanelli’s Candies for the first time but don’t know where to start? While the Stefanelli’s kitchens are constantly experimenting with new candy creations, there is a tier of tried-and-true treats that our customers can’t get enough of. To ramp up for our Christmas in July sale this past year, our Facebook page ran the Stefanelli’s Best Candy Tournament, pitting our customers’ most popular picks against one another in the polls. With Christmas proper coming up, it’d be hard to go wrong with these picks.

Milk Chocolate Sponge Candy

As the No. 1 seed in the Best Candy Tournament, our Milk Chocolate Covered Sponge Candy routed every competitor it was faced up against, with only the final vote against our luscious Chocolate Covered Strawberries ending particularly close (receiving 65% of votes). This regional favorite is a mandatory inclusion in any Stefanelli’s gift package — and remember, it’s also available in dark chocolate!

milk chocolate meltaway

Milk Chocolate Melt-a-Way

The base model of our popular Melt-a-Way line was a semifinalist in the competition, owing to its divinely creamy consistency that, fittingly, melts in your mouth. Melt-a-Ways are also available in dark chocolate and a number of tantalizing flavor variations such as peanut butter, pecan, raspberry, coconut, and mint. Try them all!

chocolate covered pretzels

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

The terrific tandem of sweet, creamy chocolate and crunchy, salty pretzel make this treat (a semifinalist in our customer polls) a perennial favorite. Snack on our Chocolate Covered Pretzels coated in either milk chocolate (with or without peanuts) or dark chocolate.

chocolate covered caramels


Stefanelli’s Soft Centered Caramels are less likely to tug at your dental fillings and much more likely to tug at your heartstrings with their indulgently smooth centers. Try them with nuts or sea salt to add another flavor dimension. 

milk chocolate peanut butter cup

Peanut Butter Cups

Chocolate and peanut butter are a match made in candy heaven, and aficionados of our Peanut Butter Cups can’t get enough — so much so that we had to put out a jumbo version to help them get their fix! Help your chocoholic friend or family member get theirs this holiday season.


Chocolate Covered Cashews

Delicious and nutritious, our Chocolate Covered Cashews were a quarterfinalist in the 2019 Best Candy Competition. Roasty, delightful, and highly poppable. 

chocolate nut bark

Nut Bark

Stefanelli’s Nut Bark represents the rare case where getting a splinter is a good thing — although you’ll want to snap off a much larger piece than that. This product has our customers nuttily professing their love. 

Don’t forget our Seasonal Candy!

Add a festive touch to your sweet gift with our Seasonal Candy collections — our Christmas Candy Collection just happens to be one of our most robust (Santa wouldn’t settle for less, nor should you).