Admit it: when you think of Valentine’s Day, your mind immediately goes to chocolate. Gifting someone special an array of gourmet chocolates has become the quintessential display of love, affection, and romance. Although most would say that you can’t get any more classic than chocolates on Valentine’s Day, it can still be a hassle to find something that’s classic, yet still just as unique as your special someone. 

Stefanelli’s specialty is handcrafted chocolates and candies. As professional chocolate lovers, you know we’re always excited about Valentine’s Day. Our unique assortment of chocolates will ensure that you’re buying something special and sweet, set apart from the rest. We compiled a list of our favorite picks for Valentine’s Day chocolates and candies so that this year’s mad dash for confections can be a breeze.

Chocolate gift box assortments

heart shaped gift box of valentine's day chocolate

An assorted box of Valentine’s Day chocolates gives you a little bit of everything. You aren’t left puzzled at whether to get milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or everything in between. With our chocolate gift boxes, you can get a bang for your buck as you’re able to try multiple different types of chocolates with one single purchase. Each box has a different delicious combination of chocolates, so you can sample everything we have to offer. This gift option is a great selection because your recipient is bound to find something they love!

Chocolate covered pretzels

stefanelli's chocolate covered pretzels for valentine's day

Chocolate is decadent and rich. On a holiday like Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to go a little overboard with the sweetness. (C’mon, we’ve all been there). Chocolate covered pretzels can give you a little bit of crunch and saltiness. These are the best Valentine’s Day chocolate gifts if your special someone adores that sweet and salty combination. This chocolate gift option can be easily elevated, especially with the traditional handcrafted chocolate we offer at Stefanelli’s.

Chocolate covered strawberries

chocolate covered strawberries in a valentine's day gift box

Who knew that fresh fruit and chocolate would be such an irresistible and mouth-watering combination? Well, we did! We offer chocolate covered strawberries at all of our local Stefanelli’s locations because we know that with this Valentine’s gift, you can’t skip out on quality. This gift option makes any occasion romantic, but especially so on Valentine’s Day. 

Sponge candy

Stefanelli's sponge candy in Erie, PA

If you’re looking for a gift option that’s a conversation starter and will also have “I thought of you” written all over it, look no further than sponge candy. At Stefanelli’s, we pride ourselves in offering one of Erie’s all-time favorite treats. We offer both milk chocolate and dark chocolate varieties. This is a great gift option if you’re looking to surprise someone with a never-before-tried treat!

Heart shaped candy

Stefanelli's heart shaped gummy candies for Valentine's Day

Maybe whoever you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day isn’t a big fan of all things chocolate? That’s completely understandable! Even if you’re not looking to buy chocolate, there are many other delicious treats you can buy. At Stefanelli’s, we offer cinnamon hearts, cherry juju hearts, and red raspberry hearts that are sure to satisfy a sweet tooth either way. These are also a great addition if you’re looking to give a variety of sweets this year. And they’re all shaped into tiny hearts, what’s not to love?

Save yourself the stress with Stefanelli’s 

If you couldn’t already tell, we are all about chocolate. No matter what it is, we have all your chocolate questions covered. Order your Valentine’s Day chocolates in advance right here online, or give us a call today. We’d be happy to help make your Valentine’s Day extra special this year!

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