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Halloween Chocolate for Your Entire Boo Crew

It’s that time of the year again, and Halloween is almost upon us! A season of chills, thrills, and most importantly, lots of delicious candy! 

Here at Stefanelli’s, we’re all about bringing out the spooky smiles in everyone. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate guide to gifting delicious Halloween chocolate this season — for everyone in your crypt!

Halloween Treat Bags 

You can never have just one, right? Enter treat bags, the epitome of delightful goodies! Amp up the spook factor (or the CUTE factor) with a personalized combination of our best Halloween candy to really show them you scare.

Treats for Kids 

If you’ve got little monsters in your life, why not surprise them with an adorable assortment of mouthwatering candies? 

First, you need a small bag for your candy. You can use any type of bag you like, but paper bags and brown lunch bags are popular choices. Then, decorate your treat bag with craft supplies, or find pre-made treat bags with Halloween designs for that extra touch of fun! 

Of course, the most important part of any treat bag is the treats! Fill your bags with our wide assortment of gummies, Halloween chocolate shapes, or chocolate-covered sweets for a truly spooktacular offering.

Treats for Your “Boo”

Halloween treat bags aren’t just for kids! Create a special memory with your significant other by transforming an ordinary paper bag into a tempting sweet escape! In addition to Halloween designs, you could add a few personal touches that your partner will love. For example, you could write a cute message on the bag, add their favorite color, or include a reference to a joke or memory that you share. 

Once you’re done decorating, fill it with their favorite chocolate Halloween candy! Whether they prefer the silky sensation of milk chocolate or the rich nuance of dark chocolate, we’ve got you covered with our signature collections. 

Treats for Friends and Family 

Getting together with your crew this Halloween? Make it one to remember with a treat bag that says BOO with custom labels and designs! You might include their name, a spooky message, or a Halloween pun for a hilariously delicious gift. 

The key here is personalization, especially if you’re in a larger group! So be sure to fill their treat bags with all Stefanelli’s favorites — from crowd-pleasing candy bars to our decadent nougat creations! Trust us, they’ll be simply batty over these creepy Halloween treats! 

Best Halloween Candy for Trick-or-Treat 

And we can’t forget the biggest candy night of the year: trick-or-treat on Halloween! Here at Stefanelli’s, we’re here to help you prepare with chocolate Halloween candy perfect for handouts. Keep the trick-or-treaters happy, as well as the parents who aim to sneak a candy or two! 

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Milk Chocolate Leaves  

Ready to embrace the spirit of fall? Our foiled milk chocolate leaves are a colorful addition to any candy collection. Each treat is individually wrapped and prepared with only the finest ingredients for a unique milk chocolate experience.

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Gummy Pumpkins 

Put a fruity twist in their baskets with gummy pumpkins! These soft chews are sure to please, with spooky faces and an array of bright, cheery autumn colors. 

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Chocolate-covered Graham Crackers

Rich milk chocolate combines with crunchy, honey-flavored graham crackers for a scary-good duo! With a decorative candy skull adoring each treat, your trick-or-treaters are in for a skele-ton of fun! 

chocolate covered oreos halloween chocolate stefanellis candies

Chocolate-covered Oreos 

You can never have too much chocolate; that’s a fact! Each of our milk chocolate-covered Oreos is frightfully decorated with a Halloween symbol, from perfect pumpkins to grinning witches. 

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Chocolate-covered Pretzels 

With our chocolate-covered pretzels, you can get the best of both worlds! Available in both milk and dark chocolate, consider adding this timeless sweet and salty mix to your Halloween chocolate offerings. 

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Chocolate Bars

For a true classic, try out our signature candy bars! Choose from seven sweet flavors for a variety of fun that’s guaranteed to please your costumed visitors all night long. 

Get Spooky with Stefanelli’s! 

Halloween only comes one night a year, so make sure it’s a scary sweet one! Explore our collections today!