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A Sweet Touch: Guide to Chocolate Wedding Favors

Chocolate wedding favors are delightful treats that add sweetness and elegance to your special day! Whether you’re a chocolate lover or just want to add a bit of indulgence to your celebration, these delicious candies will certainly impress your guests.

From classic to contemporary, there’s a favor to match every wedding theme and style. Here are some of our favorite chocolates for wedding favors, along with tips on how to present these sweets to enhance your decor. Ready to make your ceremony even more memorable?

Types of Chocolate Wedding Favors

When it comes to chocolate wedding favors, the options are as diverse as they are delicious! Here are some fantastic ideas to consider for adding a tasty touch to your reception.

Chocolate Bar Wedding Favors

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A true classic, our Signature Candy Bars have been a fan favorite since the beginning! Each bar is crafted with care and available in a variety of fun flavors to suit your personal taste. Choose from milk chocolate, dark chocolate, creamy caramel, peanut butter smoothie, roasted almond, Krispie, and milk chocolate pretzel.

Chocolate-Dipped Treats

Chocolate-dipped items are always a crowd-pleaser! For a juicy and rich flavor, we recommend Chocolate-covered Jellies; options include raspberry, orange, or peanut butter and grape flavors to bring big smiles on your wedding day.

If nutty is more your style, try Chocolate-covered Almonds, Cashews, or tasty Brazil Nuts. Can’t decide? Maybe a Bridge Mix with a little bit of everything is right for you!

Mini Chocolate Fondue Kits

Want something they’ll remember? Create mini chocolate fondue kits by including small containers of Break-Away Chocolate Bars along with mini marshmallows and fruit pieces for dipping. Besides being amazingly delicious, these interactive chocolate wedding favors are lots of fun for your guests!

Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans

Perfect for coffee lovers, Chocolate-covered Espresso Beans serve as a delightful pick-me-up during the festivities. Choose from Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or NY Mix for a roasted flavor experience that’s guaranteed to please. Give your guests the boost they need to get back out on that dance floor!

Molded Chocolate Shapes

Include shapes that match your wedding theme, such as Chocolate Hearts or Foiled Chocolate Lips. These charming chocolates can be beautifully displayed and add a whimsical touch to your decor.

Presentation Ideas for Chocolate Wedding Favors

It’s said that we eat with our eyes first; that’s why presentation is just as important as the treat itself! Here are some creative ways to present your chocolate wedding favors, ensuring they reflect your style and add a memorable touch to your cerebration.

Elegant Boxes & Bags

For a sophisticated touch, choose small, elegant boxes lined with tissue paper. Choose from various shapes and sizes to match your wedding theme.

Alternatively, opt for delicate organza bags tied neatly with ribbons that match your wedding colors. These bags not only look beautiful but also allow the chocolate treats to be visible, adding to their visual appeal.

Custom Labels & Tags

Personalize your favors with custom labels or tags featuring your monogram and wedding date. You can also include short love quotes or words of thanks on each tag, adding a heartfelt element that makes your guests feel appreciated.

Decorative Elements

Enhance the elegance of your favor boxes or bags with lace trimmings and pearl stickers. For a more personal touch, use dried flowers and small charms that symbolize something meaningful about your relationship. Adding a wax seal to each box or bag can also provide an old-world charm that is both unique and classy.

Display Options

Arrange the favors beautifully at every table setting, placing them directly above each plate. This decorates the table while allowing each guest to receive their favor as soon as they arrive at the reception area.

You might also try creating an attractive display near the exit so guests can grab a favor before they leave. Use decorative trays, baskets, or tiered stands to make the display truly eye-catching. If your wedding has a certain theme, add a display that has either a matching shape or color pattern for a cohesive look.

Create Your Perfect Day with Stefanelli’s!

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