8 Delightfully Unique Stefanelli’s Catalog Treats

8 Delightfully Unique Stefanelli’s Catalog Treats

Stefanelli’s has top sellers everyone rushes to buy, but what about the unique treats that get overlooked? This month, we’re celebrating the more unusual Stefanelli’s candies in our catalog. These confections provide delightfully unexpected flavor profiles that will completely change your life after a single bite!

Sweet and Savory

The sweet and savory combination is achieved in many different ways and isn’t considered unique by itself. This combo pops when you focus on the savory element you pair with the chocolate.

Chocolate covered jalapenos create a flavor profile you may have never dreamt of, showcasing a spicy afternote. Not only is it an unusual delight, but the taste is also complemented perfectly, with the creamy chocolate diminishing the savory burn of the jalapeno. These fantastic treats can heat up every occasion!

It doesn’t take much to eat an entire bag of potato chips, so why not cover them in chocolate? Chocolate covered potato chips provide the savory crunch of a chip along with the sweetness of the chocolate. You thought you liked chocolate covered pretzels? Take it up a notch with these salty/sweet delicacies!

Unexpectedly Decadent

Some chocolate-covered delights are overlooked for their more famous counterparts, however, some of these treats deserve to be center stage!

Fluffer nutter candy is a fantastic homemade treat that will explode with flavor. The layers include Stefanelli’s delicious peanut butter smoothie over a layer of our gooey homemade marshmallow. It’s a combination of some of the most delicious fillings Stefanelli’s creates!

Chocolate covered Rice Krispie treats are another item you might overlook because of its simple appearance. But after you take a bite, you will recognize a childhood classic made better with chocolate!

Embrace your inner child and embark on the journey of milk chocolate covered animal crackers! The adventure is always more alluring when the animal is a mystery. These unique treats enhance the original flavor of animal crackers by coating them in creamy Stefanelli’s chocolate.

Non-Chocoholic Treats

Chocolate isn’t everyone’s favorite indulgence, but no worries! Stefanelli’s sells a wide variety of sweets that stand on their own.

Our licorice mix is the perfect confection for any licorice lover! The different pieces provide the excellent taste of licorice in different shapes and sizes. Why eat the same old dull licorice stick when you can mix it up with our fun assortment!?

Buttermints are a perfect pairing for dinner parties. They provide a sweet mint flavor that immediately melts in your mouth, making them the ideal after-dinner palate cleanser.

This time of year, people are missing the wonderful taste of fruits. Our watermelon coconut strips can set you right into the middle of summer. Their flavor profile perfectly encapsulates the softness of coconut with a pop of watermelon.

The Stefanelli’s Catalog

Our chocolates and candies come in all different shapes and flavors, but that doesn’t make one any less delicious than the next. Next time you’re about to purchase your go-to, maybe consider the unique treats you’ve never tasted before!

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