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Best Chocolates for Mother's Day

The relationship between mother and child is one of life’s most essential. So is humanity’s relationship with chocolate! That’s why Stefanelli’s carries a wide assortment of chocolates for Mother’s Day and every day. 

Boxed chocolates: A Mother’s Day classic

chocolates for mother's day stefanelli's candies assorted boxed chocolates

Tom Hanks once described life as being similar to a box of chocolate, in that, “you never know what you’re going to get.” But here at Stefanelli’s, this can’t be further from the truth! Inside our boxes, you’ll find the same unrivaled quality and masterful presentation that has led our craft for nearly a century. Available in both dark and milk chocolate, our delectable boxed chocolate assortments include only the highest quality creams, cordials, caramels, nougats, truffles, and nuts. 

If you’re in the market for a charming and traditional gift that Mom is sure to love, our boxed chocolates are just the treat for you! As a bonus, our assortments are made to be shared as a family—so maybe you’ll get a few bites in, too. 

Chocolate-covered fruit: Made for moments

  chocolate for mother's day stefanelli's candies chocolate covered strawberries

Our chocolate-covered fruits are one of the best edible Mother’s Day gifts out there! From luscious strawberries to juicy grapes, all fruits are specially picked at the peak of freshness. To ensure the best possible product, our chocolate-covered strawberries and  grapes are only available from physical locations and are made to be thoroughly enjoyed at the moment. 

Don’t live close by? Our cherry cordials can be shipped anywhere across the country (just remember the ice pack when the weather gets warmer!) for a one-of-a-kind Mother’s Day treat! These fruity confections are packaged in our classic gift box and can be enjoyed at your leisure. 

Check out our berry delicious varieties today, and create a sweet moment with Mom she’ll never forget!  

Craveable chocolates for moms

 chocolates for mother's day stefanelli's candies peanut bark

For Moms who crave chocolate with something a little extra, we our everyday chocolate collection is sure to please. These treats come in a wide variety of textures and flavors to suit any taste. From the classic peanut butter and chocolate combo to crunchy, salty delights, Stefanelli’s is here to satisfy those cravings. See our collection of peanut butter cups, sponge candy, or chocolate-covered chips and pretzels to find the gift that will hit the spot!  

Plus, the antioxidants in chocolate have been linked to lower stress levels—and nobody needs that more than a parent! With our delicious candy, you can offer Mom that feel-good, happy dance sensation on her special day. 

Mother’s day chocolate for purists

Here at Stefanelli’s, we know that Moms appreciate the simple things. So why not gift out succulent chocolate in its purest form

We offer chocolate bars, shaped chocolates, meltaways, and much more for the Mom who wants the candy without the frills. With a melt-in-your-mouth flavor, our quality chocolates are sure to be a hit. No matter the variety, you can expect the utmost quality and craftsmanship for your loved one this spring. 

Make Mom Proud

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, so don’t hesitate! Shop our collections today for a gift that will truly make Mom proud—and finally settle that debate for her favorite child.