Chocolates have a wide variety of different flavors and consistencies. Each variable adds to the experience of consuming the sweet treat. The best way to take this experience to the next level is to find beverages that complement each element of the chocolate.

We have composed a list to help you on your pairing journey. The different drinks and chocolate combinations will enhance your pallet so you can experience the flavors in a new light. 

Sweet Red Wine & Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Pairing a sweet wine with a sweet fruit might not seem wise; however, pairing the two together promises a new experience. Sweet wine can still hold some bitterness, so delicious chocolates are the best way to combat the dry flavor.

This combination is typically used during Valentine’s Day, but why limit it to just once a year? The decadent coating of chocolate brings a creaminess and sweet taste that pairs wonderfully with red wine.

The juice from the strawberry brings a fresh taste to the fermented fruits used in the wine. It softens the alcoholic taste in the wine and makes you feel like you are indulging in a bowl full of plump fruit.

Hot Chocolate & Mallow Cups

Hot chocolate isn’t complete without marshmallows, so take it up a notch with our handmade mallow cups.

We recommend that you enjoy this excellent combination in two ways.

  1. Dunk your mallow cup into your steaming cup of hot chocolate to melt and add to the richness of your drink. After the chocolate melts away, the marshmallow will remain to add sweetness and texture.
  2. Take a bite from your mallow cup and then sip from your hot chocolate. The bite of mallow cup will begin to melt and explode with flavor in your mouth. This will bring out flavors from each wonderful treat.

Feeling like you want to have a completely new hot chocolate experience? Try plopping in a milk chocolate peanut butter cup to create a rich chocolatey beverage.

Sweet Champagne & Dark Chocolate Sponge Candy

Cracking open a bottle of champagne is the cause for celebration! Make the occasion more special with some of Stefanelli’s most popular decadent chocolates.

The bubbles of the champagne paired with the bubbled toffee in our dark chocolate sponge candy will change your life. The sweetness of the champagne will cut through the bitterness of the dark chocolate and cause the hidden flavors to reveal themselves.

The crunchy toffee will also help cut the dark chocolate’s bitterness and create an excellent taste that overtakes your senses. 

Coffee & Milk Chocolate Nut Bark

Mochas are a top pick for many people, yet people might not think to eat chocolate with coffee. Having the texture of something to chew while sipping a warm beverage completely changes the experience. 

Letting the milk chocolate melt in your mouth beside the coffee brings out rich flavors of the coffee that might otherwise be hidden. Stefanelli’s milk chocolate nut bark not only adds extra layers of texture but will also bring out the coffee’s nutty taste.

Giving your taste buds something to reference enhances the flavors that might be overlooked. So enjoy your next cup of joe even more with a square of bark.

Stout Beer & Dark Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Stout beers are easily paired with chocolate due to the coffee and chocolate notes in ale’s malt profile. Dark chocolate-covered pretzels with a stout beer will pull those chocolate notes out more prevalently so your tongue can easily interpret the flavors.

The pretzels also add a wonderful crunch and saltiness so you can enjoy texture with your beer.

Pair Your Favorites with Stefanelli’s

Every chocolate will add its own unique experience to any drink. There isn’t typically a wrong answer when it comes to pairing alcoholic or warm beverages with chocolates.

Pick up some of your favorite Stefanelli chocolates and discover your own pairings. You can’t go wrong with hand-crafted decadent chocolate.

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