It can be a difficult task buying gifts for your friends and family during the holidays. There’s always a chance you’ll get them something you already have, or something they will never use on a regular basis. This can cause an uncomfortable feeling where they might feel obligated to use the item since you put so much thought into it.

Worry no more! Getting people something perishable and delicious is the perfect way to show gratitude. Everyone likes to get sweet treats during the holidays, so bypass the hassle and stress with our 2022 Chocolate Gift Guide!

Chocolate Stocking Stuffers

Valuable and practical stocking stuffers can sometimes be challenging to find. Everyone will be excited to see their stockings full of decadent chocolates from Stefanelli’s!

We have a wide variety of chocolates for less than $10 that you can buy for your loved ones. Chocolate-covered pretzels are the perfect option to satisfy people’s salty and sweet cravings. They provide a satisfying crunch as the chocolate melts in your mouth.

Large mallow cups are also a fantastic option to fill space in a stocking. The excellent layers of chocolate and marshmallow create a fun ooey gooey experience everyone craves. 

Have a picky eater? Solid milk chocolate candy bars are a simple addition that anyone would be happy to receive. They are perfect for breaking up and putting in hot chocolate for a richer taste! They can also be put into the freezer to create an extra layer of texture while the cool chocolate melts in your mouth. Stefanelli’s chocolate bars also come in white chocolate and dark chocolate variations!

Chocolate Gift Boxes

Can’t decide on one type of chocolate? Well you don’t have to! Our boxed chocolates have the perfect variety of sweet treats so that you can expand your palate with every bite.

Milk chocolate cream assortment boxes marry Stefanelli’s creamy milk chocolate with our customer’s favorite smooth cream centers. These flavors include tropical coconut, classic Florida orange, citrus lemon cream, traditional maple, and many more!

Our nuts and chewies assortment provides the best of both worlds! Eat two simultaneously to expand the flavors and textures with every bite. This assortment is perfect for every family since a little bit of everything exists in this box.

We have the perfect box for you if you want to eat healthier in the new year. Our sugar-free assortment has a wide range of delicious sugar-free chocolates that will fulfill your cravings in the beginning stages of your new habits.

Sweet Pairings

Pairing two chocolates together can create an entirely new flavor combination you didn’t realize you needed in your life! Sponge candy and milk chocolate caramels provide a wonderful crunchy and chewy combination. With these different textures, your mouth won’t know what to expect with the next bite.

Christmas chocolates are a deliciously themed pairing that will make every gift feel much more joyful. Whether you have the smiling face of a milk chocolate snowman cutout or the traditional chocolate foil-wrapped Christmas bells, you will surely make everyone’s day!

Have a friend that doesn’t like chocolate? The gummy combo of sour brite gummy worms and fruit jelly beans give distinctly different flavors, all while satisfying their sweet tooth. Soothe the sour sensation with a pop of fruity flavor from the jelly beans!

Gift Your Gratitude with Stefanelli’s

Our sweet treats will make everyone smile when they open their presents. Whether you are buying for friends or family, children or adults, you can’t go wrong with our flavorful delights. Make your gifting list easy this holiday season by making Stefanelli’s your one-stop shop!