Building Relationships with Corporate Gifting

Building Relationships with Corporate Gifting

Want to send corporate gifts but don't know how? Read our corporate gifting guide to receive step-by-step instructions.

Everyone loves receiving gifts, especially when the gifts are from fellow business partners. Decadent chocolates will always be appreciated no matter how long the business relationship has been established. Corporate gifting is a fantastic way to build on relationships with companies and let them know that you value the partnership. It shows your partners that you truly cherish what you do together and want to continue a strong relationship.

Difficulties of Creating Your Own Corporate Gifts

Creating corporate gifts might seem like an easy project to tackle. However, a lot of creating and planning is involved in this process. Companies typically have an extensive list of partners that they want to send a corporate gift, requiring a lot of time and effort.

Aside from the gift itself, you will need to invest time and effort into all of the materials necessary for gifting; wrapping paper, tissue paper, cards, etc. By now, your office space may look like it’s been overtaken by all these materials. Now that you have all the goods to get going, when are you going to find the time? Prioritizing your daily job tasks in addition to crafting several gifts can eat away at your entire week. 

After all corporate gifts are completed, the next task is shipping/delivery. Depending on the type of gift and how they are packaged will impact the shipping options available to you. If you aren’t very familiar with these logistics, you are now having to sort through the ins and outs of shipping and fighting the holiday rush.

More goes on behind the scenes in creating corporate gifts than one might realize. t takes time to pump out professionally made packages and ensure they are sent in time for the holiday season. Let someone do this for you!

Partner with Stefanelli’s for your Corporate Gifting

When partnering with Stefanelli’s, we offer you a one-stop shop experience. We provide custom gifting options that will best suit your gifting needs.

Some of our customizable options include:

  • Setting your own price point 
  • A selection of included candies
  • A custom message to your recipients 

All you have to do is fill out our form, and we will handle all of the behind-the-scenes work.

Our hand-crafted chocolates and confections will be sure to brighten anyone’s day! You can’t go wrong with picking any of our chocolates, but here are some customer favorites: 

Sponge Candy

This popular treat is simply delicious. Every bite offers a creamy smoothness of Stefanelli’s chocolate and the melt-away crunch of our toffee filling. Traditionally toffee is hard and brittle, but sponge candy is aerated, creating a light and crispy texture.

Boxed Chocolates

You can be assured that you are going to receive exceptional quality in every bite when picking Stefanelli’s boxed chocolates. Our assortments include creams, cordials, caramels, nougats, truffles, and nuts encapsulated in luscious chocolate.

Everyday Chocolate

Stefanelli’s everyday chocolates are finely crafted to perfection so your tastebuds can experience euphoria. Mix and match flavors and textures to enhance every bite, you won’t regret a single one.

After you’ve picked your desired candies, give us the list of locations you want your packages shipped to and we will handle the rest. To make this deal even sweeter, you can earn additional savings for larger orders when you work with Stefanelli’s.

We want you to have a fantastic experience and trust that we will handle the behind-the-scenes organizing after you submit your order. Show your partners that you genuinely care about them by sending them decedent chocolates from Stefanelli’s.

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