Fall isn’t Complete Without Some Delicious Treats!

Fall isn’t Complete Without Some Delicious Treats!

Fall isn’t Complete Without Some Delicious Treats!

You know what time it is! The leaves have begun to change colors, the temperature is steadily dropping, and spooky decorations are appearing around every corner. Fall invokes the perfect time to indulge in decadent chocolates and wrap up in a cozy blanket.

Stefanelli’s has compiled a list of fun ways to display and distribute your favorite fall treats. Give your guests pumpkin to talk about!

S’mores Board

S’mores might be dubbed a summer treat, but we disagree and think it is perfect for every time of the year. Stefanelli’s has all the wonderful ingredients for the ideal s’more; better yet, they are all dipped in chocolate!

Our mallow cups and chocolate-covered graham crackers are perfect for displaying together for fall parties and get-togethers. Don’t let the chocolate covering the mallow cup stop you from heating it and creating a delicious mushy marshmallow treat.

Want to add an extra layer to the s’more? Why not include milk chocolate caramels as well? These delicious treats will increase the gooeyness of the s’more and make your mouth water.

You can also create a nontraditional s’more by using chocolate-covered potato chips rather than graham crackers. This combination provides the perfect sweet and savory duo!

Char-boo-terie Board

With Halloween sneaking up, it’s time to start planning the perfect spooky treats for your parties. Making a themed board of chocolates will surely enhance every get-together and be the talk of the night.

Stefanelli’s has a variety of spooky Halloween candies that you can incorporate. You can mix and match our spooky delights to provide a wide variety of treats that every guest will enjoy.

Some seasonal treats you can use include Halloween Oreos, a spooky bag o’ ghosts, and pumpkin cheesecake meltaway. Every sweet will add a crunch or gooey surprise and keep your guests on their toes.

Why stop there? Your board can also include our traditional specialty chocolates that will perfectly wrap up your board with choices like chocolate-covered almonds and sponge candy.

DIY Treat Bags

Providing the kids that visit your home with delicious treats from Stefanelli’s will surely make you the most popular house on the street! Go above and beyond by creating treat bags with foiled chocolate leaves and molded monster milk chocolates to provide a spooky surprise in every pack.

Perhaps you love one of the ghoul’s costumes and want to reward them with a special treat. You can make their entire night by giving them a large milk chocolate pumpkin lollipop. This will provide them with a challenge year after year to outdo themselves!

The chilly fall months will be extra cozy with Stefanelli’s seasonal treats. Whether you are creating treat bags for kids or making a chocolate board for a party, Stefanelli’s has you covered. Trick or treat yo’ self!


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